4th SDMX Global Conference of September 2013: Summary report

Please find here the short summary report of the 4th SDMX Global Conference: “Global SDMX Implementation: Modernising Official Statistics”.

This conference took place in September 2013 in Paris, France.


SDMX Global Conference 2013, OECD, Paris

Global SDMX Implementation: Modernising Official Statistics

The next SDMX Global Conference will be held from 11 to 13 September 2013 at the OECD in Paris, with BIS and Eurostat acting as co-hosts on behalf of the SDMX Sponsors. The theme of this year’s conference is the global SDMX implementation and the role that SDMX can play in modernising official statistics. The conference will respond to the information needs of statistical managers and SDMX users to implement and maximise the value of adopting SDMX in data exchange. National statistical agencies, central banks and international organisations will share their experiences and expertise using SDMX in the collection and dissemination of official statistics.

Topics to be covered in the SDMX Global Conference 2013 include, for example, the application of SDMX in concrete data collection exercises such as national accounts, and the associated benefits of data and metadata integration and streamlining of national and international data exchange. The SDMX Sponsors will report on the progress of the SDMX technical and statistical standards and on the improved SDMX IT infrastructure including the implementation of the SDMX Global Registry. The conference will also provide an opportunity for the participants to explore the relationship between the SDMX business process models for statistics with other related technical standards.

As the conference aims to monitor the actual and planned use of SDMX in national and international organisations responsible for official statistics, we kindly ask you to fill in the SDMX Global Survey 2013 under following link: SDMX Global Survey 2013

Please consult also the OECD website – Global  SDMX Implementation: Modernising Official Statistics - for the latest information, practical details and conference agenda.

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SDMX Sponsors release the SDMX Action Plan 2011 to 2015

In the follow-up of the Global Conference 2011, SDMX Sponsors released the SDMX Action Plan 2011 to 2015. This plan delineates priority actions to be undertaken on:

  • SDMX implementation
  • Outreach and training
  • Content-oriented Guidelines
  • Technical standards
  • Governance

This action plan is based on the outcome of the Global Conference 2011 and on the input from the SDMX Statistical Working Group, the SDMX Technical Working Group and the SDMX Secretariat. The implementation of the actions will be closely monitored.

For further information:

SDMX Action Plan 2011 to 2015, background document

SDMX Action Plan 2011 to 2015


Next SDMX Expert Group Meeting 2012

The next SDMX Expert Group meeting (formerly the ‘OECD SDMX Experts Group’ ) will be held in Paris at the OECD Headquarters on 13th-14th September 2012. The primary focus of the Group’s work is on data exchange and data sharing between National Statistical agencies and International organisations. The meeting will seek to showcase practical examples of existing SDMX exchanges as well as those under development and planned for the future with an aim to share experiences and know-how.

The invitation and call for papers will be sent in spring 2012.

For further information contact