SDMX for Macroeconomic Statistics: updated packages and data structure definitions (DSD), published on 8 January 2016 The Ownership Group for SDMX implementation in Macro-Economic Statistics is pleased to inform you that updated DSDs have been made available for Balance of Payments (BOP) and National Accounts (NA). This is an intermedia fast-track release for some minor additions to a few code lists for data exchange between international organisations, BOP reporting and minor corrections to some ESA visualisation templates. For more details, release notes and downloads, please consult the NA/GFS maintenance page or the BOP/FDI maintenance page. >>

Guidelines for Confidentiality and Embargo in SDMX, published on 20 November 2015 The "Guidelines for Confidentiality and Embargo in SDMX" cover the confidentiality aspects in SDMX data exchange, including embargo scenarios. The aim is to provide a consistent and practical way to represent these aspects in SDMX artefacts in order to promote cross-domain consistency and harmonise methodology and processes. The paper presents the use case scenarios related to confidentiality and embargo. Based on the use cases, recommendations are provided on how to represent both elements in the SDMX model. >>