You will find below an alphabetical list of software tools which have been developed by organisations involved in the SDMX initiative. For each tool, a succinct description is provided ‒ you can use the respective links for a more detailed description of the tools’ specific features.

Please note that Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union, also maintains a webpage dedicated to SDMX-related IT tools.

If your organisation is ready to offer IT tools to the SDMX user community, please contact the SDMX Secretariat ( so that they can be included in the Repository.

Data Structure Wizard
Desktop application that is able to convert/edit commonly used metadata formats into SDMX-ML formats. It contains an interface that allows the user to select a given Data Structure and to complete the data according to requirements… MORE>>
Euro SDMX Registry
Metadata registry which implements the SDMX registry specifications… MORE>>
Flex-CB Visualisation Framework
This tool offers libraries, written in Action Script 3, that allow building Flash visualisation tools for statistical data and metadata, provided the data to be visualised is made available in one of the supported SDMX-ML formats… MORE>>
Fusion Matrix
The Fusion Matrix provides a scalable, well-functioning and robust solution for the storage and retrieval of data and associated metadata for any statistical domain… MORE>>
Fusion Registry
SDMX Registry supporting all versions (1.0, 2.0, 2.1) of SDMX-ML and SDMX-EDI for structural metadata… MORE>>
Fusion Transformer
Command-line application which allows the conversion of SDMX Data or Structure files from one format to another… MORE>>
Fusion Transformer Pro
Web application extending the Fusion Transformer application and providing users with the ability to load, validate, transform, map, and export data via their web browsers… MORE>>
Fusion Weaver
GUI-desktop tool for SDMX structural metadata and data set validation, transformation, and SDMX data set (structure-specific) schema generation… MORE>>
Mapping Assistant
This tool is meant to facilitate mapping between the structural metadata provided by an SDMX-ML Data Structure Definition (DSD) and that residing in the Dissemination database of a dissemination environment… MORE>>
OpenSDMX provides components which can be used in every context where SDMX is implemented. OpenSDMX produces SDMX data and metadata in a RESTful way… MORE>>
An extensible SDMX library written in Python with optional data export to the data analysis toolkit “pandas”… MORE>>
rsdmx is a package to read SDMX data and metadata in R. It provides a) a set of classes and methods to read data and metadata documents exchanged through the Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) framework… MORE>>
SDMX Connectors for Statistical Software
A set of plugins, based on SDMX 2.1 REST Web Services, that can be used to browse SDMX providers, build queries and get SDMX data directly in the most popular data analysis tools (e.g. R, MATLAB, SAS)… MORE>>
SDMX Converter
This application offers to the user the ability to convert between all the existing formats of the SDMX version 2.0 standard (generic, compact, utility and cross-sectional) as well as GESMES (SDMX-EDI 2.0) and CSV formats. It also support conversions from DSPL messages to SDMX-ML and backwards… MORE>>
A Series of tools and APIs to parse, visualise, convert, create and transform SDMX documents and use SDMX data services as well as an experimental SDMX-Gateway server and a JavaScript SDMX ML Parsing library…. MORE>>
SDMX Istat Framework
Set of pick-and-choose building blocks allowing a statistical office to standardise and industrialise the dissemination/reporting business process. MORE>>
SDMX Java Suite
A tool for reading and checking SDMX-EDI and SDMX-ML data files. Extra modules allow users to read/write FAME databases and perform some basic data manipulation like filtering and conversion. MORE>>
SDMX Framework for the .NET platform… MORE>>
SDMXSource is a programme code that implements the Common SDMX API… MORE>>
SDMX Reference Infrastructure (SDMX-RI)
Generalised service infrastructure that can be reused partially or completely by any organisation interested in starting SDMX projects for data exchange… MORE>>
SDMX Transformation Component Applying CSPA
Application that transforms and re-codes SDMX datasets. MORE>>
SDMXUSE imports data and metadata from statistical agencies using the SDMX standard into Stata. MORE>>
This SDMX SAE editor offers a simple way of managing and accessing statistical metadata… MORE>>
XSD Generator
This tool is meant to produce XML Schema Definitions (XSD) based on a DSD received… MORE>>