1. What is SDMX?

SDMX stands for Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange-the electronic exchange of statistical information. Its goal is to explore e-standards that could allow us to gain efficiency and avoid duplication of effort in our own work and possibly in the work of others in the field of statistical information.
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2. Who are the SDMX affiliates?

SDMX is sponsored by a number of international organizations. Click here to learn more about our sponsors and how to contact them.

3. How do I contact SDMX?

You can contact SDMX by clicking here.

4. Are SDMX meetings posted?

SDMX meetings and events are posted on the web site. Please visit the events page to learn more about upcoming meetings/events, as well as to view an archive of past meetings/events.

5. Can I receive ongoing information about SDMX?

Please enter your e-mail address in the “sign up” box to receive information about SDMX.