We are a federal country and we would like to implement a data collection process with our regional offices. Is there a procedure to help us in this task ?

Yes, such a procedure exists !

SDMX has designed a "Checklist for SDMX Design Projects". This procedure will probably look familiar to some of you as it is based on the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) GSBPM (General Statistical Business Process Model) standard.

SDMX Checklist for SDMX Design Projects (synthesis diagram)

The checklist can be viewed:
  • either as a "cookbook", used to know all the "ingredients" of an SDMX artefacts project, or;
  • as an actual checklist, i.e. to make sure that all project phases have been considered in their usual order.
This checklist is intended for the design and creation of new SDMX artefacts and the management of such a project. The main target audience is SDMX project managers and structural metadata artefact analysts/designers, though it may also be used for capacity building and to build technical knowledge methodically by referring to each phase's details.