Pilot review: Global DSDs for Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP)

15 November 2017
The Ownership Group for SDMX implementation in Macro-Economic Statistics (SDMX-MES OG) is pleased to launch a pilot review for draft global Data Structure Definitions for Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP). The SDMX-MES OG is already responsible for SDMX DSDs in the areas of National Accounts (incl. Government Finance), Balance of Payments and Foreign Direct Investment. MORE>>

Two SDMX cross-domain code lists recently revised

21 September 2017
Two cross-domain code lists ("Sex" and "Unit multiplier") have recently been extended with new codes as a response to requests from the SDMX community. The revised code lists now cover more coding possibilities, so that the code lists may be reused and/or referenced while avoiding the creation of new ad hoc code lists. These code lists are available in MS-Word format from the "Guidelines" section of the SDMX official website or in XML format from the SDMX Global Registry. MORE>>

Follow us on the social networks

16 August 2017
SDMX is present on LinkedIn and Twitter. These accounts are used to update you on new developments about SDMX such as the upcoming Global Conference which will take place in October in Addis Ababa. Please follow us there and share the links with your colleagues. MORE>>

Die Vermessung des Datenuniversums Datenintegration mithilfe des Statistikstandards SDMX (Measuring the Data Universe: Data Integration Using the Statistics Standard SDMX)

13 July 2017
This book, currently available in German only, with an English translation planned for beginning of next year, provides an easy-to-read introduction to the challenges of organizing and integrating modern data worlds, while it explains the contribution of public statistics and the ISO standard SDMX. It is therefore a must for data experts and those who want to become one. MORE>>