Changes to the SDMX standard for representing VTL (Validation and Transformation Language)

You are invited to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the SDMX standard required for representing VTL (Validation and Transformation Language). The documentation submitted to reviewers is the following:

Document SDMX_2_1_SECTION_6_VTL.pdf contains the part that will be added to the Section 6 of the SDMX Standards (“SDMX Technical Notes”) as the last Section (n.10), before the Annex.

Document Transformations and Expressions IM_Section2.pdf contains the part that substitutes the model package n.13 (Transformations and Expressions) of the SDMX 2.1 Information Model (Section 2).

Documents and contain the new versions of the WSDL and Schemas for the registry messages.

Document contains the new version of section SDMX STANDARDS 3A documenting the xml schemas.

Document Draft changes to the SDMX standard to include VTL 2.0 – Review log.docx is the template for submitting the comments .

Please send your comments to the SDMX VTL Task Force c/o the SDMX Technical Working Group at

Deadline for comments: 15 October 2019, close of business.