SDMX Standards, Version 2.1 (Update August 2011)

Corrections to the SDMX 2.1 Technical Specification – August 2011

The SDMX 2.1 Technical Specification has been released in April 2011. Minor errors and inconsistencies have been found in July-August 2011. These have been corrected and the corrections documented in the appropriate parts of specification (highlighted below). A Summary of the identified bugs is available by clicking on the following LINK.

SDMX 2.1 Technical Specification

Section 1 – Framework. Introduces the documents and the content of the revised Version 2.1

Section 2 – Information Model. UML model and functional description, definition of classes, associations and attributes (UPDATE 8/2011)

Section 3A – SDMX_ML. Specifies and documents the XML formats for describing structure, data, reference metadata, and interfaces to the registry (UPDATE 8/2011)

Section 3B – SDMX-ML. XML schemas, samples, WADL and WSDL (UPDATE 8/2011)

Section 4 – SDMX-EDI. Specifies and documents the UN/EDIFACT format for describing structure and data.

Section 5 – Registry Specification – Logical Interfaces. Provides the specification for the logical registry interfaces, including subscription/notification, registration of data and metadata, submission of structural metadata, and querying (UPDATE 8/2011)

Section 6 – Technical Notes. Provides some technical information which may be useful for the implementation (this was called “Implementor’s Guide” in the 2.0 release)

Section 7 – Web Services Guidelines. Provides guidelines for using SDMX standards to promote interoperability among SDMX web services

Other Material

Summary of Changes and New Functionalities. Document highlighting some of the major changes from the previous version.

Disposition Log. Log of comments resulting from the public review for SDMX 2.1.