1. SDMX IT tools

The SDMX Tools Repository is now available to the SDMX users community. It offers information on SDMX Tools, many of which are being made available free of charge. Current contributors of IT tools include the ECB, Eurostat, ISTAT, UNESCO/SI and Metadata Technology. The repository allows users to search for SDMX IT tools according to a set of criteria, e.g. searching for tools that offer a specific functionality. The repository will be updated on a regular basis as new IT tools become available. If your organisation is ready to offer IT tools to the SDMX users community, please contact the SDMX Secretariat secretariat@sdmx.org so that they can be included in the Repository.

The SDMX Tools Repository is accessible at: SDMX Tools Repository

2. SDMX Tutorials

SDMX Tutorials developed by Eurostat to promote the use and implementation of the SDMX standards and guidelines: a set of e-learning videos explaining the SDMX Information model, data and metadata structure definitions, SDMX-ML formats and IT architectures. Each video is accompanied by a “student book” and a self-test file.

3. SDMX IT infrastructures

Eurostat Reference Infrastructure (SDMX-RI).
Eurostat SDMX Info Space containing additional info on SDMX-RI modules and other software tools.

If you would like to make your tools freely available to the SDMX users community, please contact the SDMX Secretariat at secretariat@sdmx.org.

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