Name of the tool: Flex-CB Visualisation Framework

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Owner: European Central Bank (ECB)

Description and main purpose of the software
The Flex-CB visualisation framework offers libraries, written in Action Script 3, that allow building Flash visualisation tools for statistical data and metadata, provided the data to be visualised is made available in one of the supported SDMX-ML formats. The Flex-CB visualisation framework currently powers visualisation tools produced by the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Bank of Canada and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

License: Permissive free software license

Input format(s): SDMX-ML x.x
Output format(s):

Programming language(s): Adobe Flex

Operating system(s): OS independent

Language(s): English

Implemented features (click here for a definition of these features)
Graphical Data visualisation; Tabular Data visualisation

Further information
The Flex-CB libraries are written in ActionScript 3 and are therefore meant to be included into Adobe Flex projects. The deliverable is a SWF (Flash) file.