Name of the tool: Fusion Registry Community Edition

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Owner: Metadata Technology (private company)

Description and main purpose of the software

Fusion Registry Community Edition is an SDMX structural metadata registry supporting all versions of SDMX-ML (1.0, 2.0 and 2.1) and SDMX-EDI.

The system is supplied as a single Java application meaning that it will run on Windows, Linux and Apple Mac, and other computing platforms with a suitable Java runtime environment and web application server. Its web user interface can be accessed using standard web browsers.

Fusion Registry Community Edition is designed for official statistics applications where a central controlled source of structural metadata is required.

Key use cases:

  • SDMX maintenance agencies who need to author, maintain and publish definitive structure definitions;
  • Statistics departments and data teams who need a controlled source of structural metadata to drive their data lifecycle;
  • Central Banks, National Statistics Offices and Government Agencies who need to validate and optionally transform SDMX data for reporting to data collectors such as international organisations; and
  • Data collecting organisations who need to provide their data reporters with an unambiguous description of how the data should be structured and coded, and optionally with Excel spreadsheet templates for the data reporters to fill-in and return.

Fusion Registry Community Edition allows structures to be authored, maintained and viewed using the web user interface which provides wizards to guide users through specific tasks. SDMX data validation, transformation between SDMX versions and formats, and transformation to different structures can also be performed interactively through the user interface.

For automation and integration, an SDMX compliant ( RESTful web services API is provided supporting submission, querying and deletion of structures and querying for schemas. The API additionally provides methods for data validation, data transformation and generating Excel spreadsheet templates for data reporting.

The collection, storage and dissemination of observation data and reference metadata is supported by Fusion Registry Enterprise Edition which is available under commercial license.

License: Proprietary public licence agreement

Input format(s): SDMX-ML (1.0, 2.0, 2.1), SDMX-EDI
Output format(s): SDMX-ML (1.0, 2.0, 2.1), SDMX-EDI, SDMX Schemas

Programming language(s): Java

Operating system(s): OS independent

Language(s): English

Key features

  • Support for SDMX 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1, and SDMX-EDI
  • SDMX structure authoring, maintenance and storage
  • SDMX compliant REST API for structures
  • Subscription to notification of changes
  • FusionXL Excel addin support
  • Structure mapping
  • Data transformation between SDMX versions and formats
  • Data transformation between DSDs using structure mapping
  • Data transformation REST API
  • Data validation
  • Data validation using Metadata Technology’s validation expression language
  • Data validation REST API
  • Automated generation of Excel spreadsheet data reporting forms using definable templates
  • Structure comparison
  • Microsoft Active Directory support

System Requirements

  • Java runtime 1.8 or 1.10
  • A Java application server – Apache Tomcat 8.0, 8.5 or 9.0 is recommended
  • Minimum 4GB memory
  • A MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server database for storage of the Registry content

Further information

Fusion Registry Community Edition is part of the SDMX Community Tools. Visit the Metadata Technology SDMX Community Tools web site for further information.