Name of the tool: Fusion Transformer

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Owner: Metadata Technology (private company)

Description and main purpose of the software
The Fusion Transformer is a command-line application, which allows the conversion of SDMX Data or Structure files from one format to another. The application makes use of data streaming which means that there is no restriction on the size of input or output files. The application can also split a single file containing multiple datasets into multiple files.

License: Free software license

Input format(s): SDMX-EDI; SDMX-ML 1.0; SDMX-ML 2.0; SDMX-ML x.x; SDMX 2.1
Output format(s): SDMX-EDI; SDMX-ML 1.0; SDMX-ML 2.0; XML schema; SDMX 2.1

Programming language(s): JAVA

Operating system(s): OS independent

Language(s): English

Implemented features (click here for a definition of these features)
SDMX-ML x.x to non-SDMX formats (CSV etc.); SDMX-ML 2.0 Data Message Transformations; SDMX-ML 1.0 Data Message Transformations; SDMX-ML 2.0 to SDMX-EDI; SDMX-ML 2.0 to SDMX-ML 1.0; SDMX-ML 1.0 to SDMX-EDI; SDMX-ML 1.0 to SDMX-ML 2.0; SDMX-EDI to SDMX-ML 2.0; SDMX-EDI to SDMX-ML 1.0; SDMX-EDI Syntax validation; SDMX-ML 1.0 Syntax validation; SDMX-ML 2.0 Syntax validation; SDMX-EDI to SDMX-ML 2.1; SDMX 2.1 Data Message Transformation; SDMX-ML 2.1 Syntax validation; SDMX-ML 2.1 to SDMX-EDI; SDMX 1.0 to SDMX 2.1; SDMX-ML 2.1 to SDMX-ML 1.0; SDMX 2.0 to SDMX 2.1;
SDMX-ML 2.1 to SDMX-ML 2.0