Name of the tool: Mapping Assistant

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Owner: Eurostat

Description and main purpose of the software
The Mapping Assistant is meant to facilitate the mapping between the structural metadata provided by an SDMX-ML Data Structure Definition (DSD) and those that reside in a Dissemination database of a dissemination environment. Mapping Assistant maintains a Mapping Store for keeping the mappings between the SDMX and the local data storage scheme. In the SDMX Reference Infrastructure, the Mapping Assistant provides mapping information to the Data Retriever. The Data Retriever module connects to the Mapping Store database and accesses the appropriate mappings to translate the SDMX-ML queries to SQL for the dissemination database.

The tool was developed as portable package or component which can be installed in other organisations.

License: European Union Public Licence V.1.1

Programming language(s): .NET (C#)

Operating system(s): Windows OS

Language(s): English

Further information: Eurostat’s SDMX Info Space.