Name of the tool: SDMX Connectors for Statistical Software

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Owner: Banca d’Italia (Italian Central Bank)

Description and main purpose of the software
A framework of plugins, based on SDMX 2.1 REST Web Services, that can be used to browse SDMX providers, build queries and get SDMX data directly in the most popular data analysis tools (e.g. R, MATLAB, SAS…). Data users can identify and extract data without leaving the friendly environment of their favourite statistical tool.

License: Free software license

Input format(s):
Output format(s): SDMX-ML x.x

Programming language(s): JAVA (JAVA / R / MATLAB / SAS)

Operating system(s): OS independent

Language(s): English

Implemented features (click here for a definition of these features)
SDMX input/output modules; Structure Query; Data Query; REST Data Query.

Further information
An R package is also on CRAN repository.