Name of the tool: ILOSTAT Excel Add-in

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Owner: International Labour Organization (ILO), Department of Statistics (ILOSTAT)

Description and main purpose of the software

The ILOSTAT Add-In is free software that will significantly reduce the amount of time spent collecting and organizing international labour statistics. The ILOSTAT Add-In provides free access to data series covering a wide range of labour topics (e.g., employment, unemployment, industrial relations, and informality) by means of an SDMX web service directly into Microsoft Excel.

License: Free software license

Input format(s): SDMX-ML
Output format(s): Excel

Programming language(s): .NET

Operating system(s): Windows OS

Language(s): English

Implemented features: Dataflow; Data query; Configure SDMX database based on DSD; Tabular Data visualisation; Process

Further information: