9th SDMX Expert Group Meeting

The 2018 Expert workshop on Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange took place in Paris, France, on 22-25 October 2018 and was hosted by the OECD.

The goal of the Expert Workshop was to help evolve the SDMX standard to respond to identified issues in existing data exchange and data sharing scenarios, and to prepare the standard to new business cases such as statistical data modelling in general, incorporating geo-referenced data, addressing microdata scenarios and many more. This workshop offered an excellent occasion for SDMX experts in the community of official statisticians and beyond to discuss and influence the further development of SDMX standards and various statistical guidelines related to SDMX.

This was the latest in a series of biennial SDMX Expert meetings, and the workshop format of this meeting was designed to help experienced SDMX practitioners focus on how to improve the SDMX standard.

Registration, agenda and other documents for the meeting