New Public Release of the SDMX Converter (version 7.9.5.)

We are pleased to announce that Eurostat has released to the public a new version of the SDMX Converter (version 7.9.5). The SDMX Converter is available in different ‘flavours’ (Desktop GUI, Web App, CLI, web service and API), extending its usability and supporting a large number of specific users’ needs. Further to important improvements and bug fixes, the new version allows for the validation of non-SDMX input files such as Excel, CSV and FLR. Please note that the Desktop GUI will be discontinued in future releases, favouring the investment in the Web App, which is available to anyone with an EU Login account. Current and prospective users of the SDMX Converter can learn more about how to use it by reading the short User guide and watching the available Explanatory videos.

Should you have any question about the new tool please do not hesitate to contact Eurostat at