New version of the SDMX Global Registry now in production

The SDMX Global Registry is the central source of SDMX structural metadata. The latest version of the service has an all-new web user interface making it easier to explore, view, maintain and use.

Structure Sets have been improved and now include explicit support for Concept Scheme, Codelist, Data Structure and Dataflow maps.

The new Structure References explorer provides a simple and effective way to examine the interdependencies between structures, and a "Compare" feature has been added to show differences between two structures – useful for examining changes between two versions of a Codelist.

The version Changelog can also be displayed for each structure.

SDMX-ML 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 continue to be supported, in addition to EDI. SDMX-JSON for structures will also be supported when the technical standard is formally released.