Pilot review: Global DSDs for Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP)

The Ownership Group for SDMX implementation in Macro-Economic Statistics (SDMX-MES OG) is pleased to launch a pilot review for draft global Data Structure Definitions for Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP). The SDMX-MES OG is already responsible for SDMX DSDs in the areas of National Accounts (incl. Government Finance), Balance of Payments and Foreign Direct Investment. More information on the mandate of the SDMX-MES OG and the existing packages can be found here. The overall scope of the work on Global DSDs for prices has been defined to cover the following 5 sub-domains:
  1. Consumer Price Index (national CPI and HICP)
  2. Producer Price Index
  3. Import and Export Price Index
  4. Residential Property Price Index / Indicators
  5. Commercial Property Price Index / Indicators
Work in the sub-group is conducted in several phases. It was agreed to start with the area of CPI/HICP and extend to other sub-domains at a later stage. The DSDs and related materials should cover the whole statistical process as far as price indexes are concerned: from reporting to and collection by international organisations to public dissemination and data sharing.   For this project it was decided to conduct the content and technical reviews in parallel. The pilot package for the global DSDs for CPI and HICP is available for download below. Please send any comments you may have on the package to ESTAT-HICP@ec.europa.eu and Daniel.Suranyi@ec.europa.eu by 31st March 2018. The group will review the comments received during the pilot consultation and publish decisions on any follow-up actions taken, and create, if needed, an updated version of the package in due course.   Download SDMX-MES_CPI-PilotPackage (Version 0.2)