Public review for the Checklist for SDMX Data Providers

The aim of the Checklist for SDMX Data Providers is to help statistical agencies implement the provision of SDMX data. It can be a point of reference for project managers and other participants to prepare for a project, in order to speed up and increase the quality of the implementation.

The checklist describes the various activities (the individual boxes) to be achieved, which are organized in process phases (the vertical pillars). The process phases are based on the UNECE Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM, version 5.0, released in December 2013).

Every activity can be clicked to view its details. The required output is described in every activity which helps users to focus on the goal to be achieved in every activity. Not all activities are compulsory: it depends on the statistical agencies starting point, such as on technology, statistical and SDMX knowledge. Furthermore, the order of activities do not require a sequential/waterfall implementation, and there will naturally be some feedback loops; for example, after the Test phase it could be necessary to return to the Design or Planning phases.

The checklist should be usable with most project management methodologies, such as Waterfall, KANBAN, Scrum, etc.

The checklist is complementary to the Checklist for SDMX Design Projects in which the guidance is more for a data exchange designer/collector.

The public review period for this guideline extends until 21 April 2017. Please send your comments via email (