Public Review for version 2.0 of the SDMX Glossary

The SDMX Statistical Working Group would like to submit a new Version 2.0 of the SDMX Glossary (This link has been disabled; the final version 2.0 of the SDMX Glossary can be accessed by following this link).

This version 2.0 is a major version change due to the many new concepts and corrections to existing terms and the removal of concepts which are not used as part of reference metadata frameworks. The goal is to increase the usability and quality of the SDMX Glossary both as a central reference point for SDMX metadata, and for the Cross-Domain Concept Scheme (that is generated from the glossary) to cover more structural metadata enabling systems to align.

All concepts were reviewed to make descriptions and contexts clearer. Of particular note are:

  • The addition of "coverage" concepts
  • The addition of classification concepts used in Global DSDs, e.g. "Labour Force Status", "Sector"
  • Make the "Measure" and "Statistical indicator" definitions more useful with examples for unambiguous use in modelling
The public review period for this document extends until 8 October 2018. Please send your comments to the SDMX Statistical Working Group at