Public Review - Global SDMX framework for Education statistics

The aim of the SDMX implementation in the Education domain is to create a joint set of Data Structure Definitions (DSDs), harmonised concepts and code lists of the joint UNESCO-UIS/OECD/EUROSTAT (UOE) data collection.

The three organisations are now launching a public consultation on the SDMX framework for the UOE questionnaires. The public consultation package (this link has been disabled) contains the following elements:

  • The DSD Matrix, which describes all of the SDMX artefacts foreseen for SDMX implementation in the Education domain
  • The Guidelines document that explains the DSD Matrix and other aspects of the project
  • The 2019 UOE questionnaires coded according to the DSD matrix
  • Please note that the questionnaires included in the package are not the final UOE 2019 questionnaires.
The purpose of this public consultation is to verify that the SDMX artefacts and guidelines are fit for their intended purpose. Some key questions to consider by reviewers are:

  1. Do you understand the described model (Concept Scheme, DSDs, Codelists, etc.)?
  2. Do you see errors in the model; such as multiple ways to encode the same data, missing concepts or codes for existing data?
  3. Do you see elements that would pose significant technical barriers to implementing an exchange based on the SDMX framework?
  4. Are there errors in the guidelines, or could they be made clearer?
You can provide your feedback on the documents submitted for public review by filling in the online feedback form (this link has been disabled) created for this purpose.

Deadline: 08 March 2019, close of business.