Publication of the VTL Engine and Editor in Github.

The ESCB  TF on the shared SDMX Tools has published the VTL Engine and Editor prototype as an Open Source Software in Github, under a EUPL license. This is a tool that can be used to develop, validate and execute VTL rules and it is developed as a Java library (that contains 100% of the VTL engine and can be used by itself) wrapped by an R package (that contains the graphical editor, the VTL Studio, and a set of R commands to interact with the engine).

The Github repository is located at:

Binary versions of the tool, ready to be installed in R, will be located at:

It is expected that the package will be available directly from CRAN, the official R repository soon.

Mr. Attilio Mattiocco, (IT Architect at Banca d’Italia and the Chair of the TF of Shared Tools) can be contacted for questions and feedback on the tool: