SDMX Action Plan 2016-2018 (implementing the Roadmap 2020)

At the beginning of 2016, the SDMX sponsors approved a "Roadmap 2020" presenting a vision of where SDMX is heading in the next few years and outlining a series of strategic objectives. These priorities are further developed in the present Action Plan covering the period until end of 2018.

Each action is mapped to one of the four priority areas highlighted in the Roadmap, describing the work that can be deployed in a relatively short timeframe for:

  1. Strengthening the implementation of SDMX
  2. Making data usage easier via SDMX (especially for policy use)
  3. Using SDMX to modernise statistical processes, as well as continuously improving the standards and IT infrastructure
  4. Improving communication in general, including a better interaction between international partners
The SDMX organisations will monitor the progress of these actions on an annual basis, in particular for identifying gaps in the current implementation program and for discussing priorities and resources needed to support the actions. The Action Plan will be updated yearly, based on a rolling calendar.