SDMX-CSV format specifications just released

SDMX-CSV Data Message is an SDMX data exchange format based on the RFC 4180. CSV is a widely used standardised and simple format to exchange data supported by many tools.

SDMX-CSV integrates with other specifications, i.e.:
  • The SDMX API RESTful specification (e.g. content negotiation with mime-type to get SDMX-CSV representations, specific formats for responses, language selection through HTTP content negotiation)
  • The RFC 4180 specification (determined column number, "comma" separated)
SDMX-CSV is flexible enough in its representation to support the needs of different target audiences:
  • A representation optimised for public data dissemination and similar, and for usage in common statistical software
  • A representation optimised for creating pivot tables in spreadsheets applications