Test your SDMX API with the SDMX TCK (Test Compatibility Kit)

The SDMX Technical Working Group (TWG) is proud to announce the public release of the SDMX TCK. The SDMX Test Compatibility Kit helps users measure the compliance and coverage of an SDMX RESTful endpoint against the available SDMX REST API versions. More precisely the SDMX TCK will report on:

  • The level of compliance, ie if the SDMX RESTful API is respected, by testing:
    • All SDMX specified resources
    • SDMX standard mime types
    • The SDMX error codes
    • Other features specified by the SDMX standard
  • The coverage: what percentage of resources and features are supported in terms of the specified responses

For more detailed information on SDMX TCK please go to the SDMX TCK page.