Version 2.0 of the guideline on "Modelling statistical domains in SDMX" has been released

The guideline "Modelling Statistical Domains in SDMX" (Version 2.0, June 2018) outlines general principles on how to design and create SDMX artefacts in a statistical domain, following a step-by-step approach to design based on the SDMX information model and, complementing the existing guidelines on Data Structure Definitions and Codelists.

In summary, the changes compared to version 1.0 are the following:

  • The addition of multiple domain modelling (as opposed to only a single domain)
  • How to document data flows into a diagram and then use it in the modelling method
  • How to decompose a starting set of indicators
  • Steps on how to optimise the model
  • How to decide if a concept should be a dimension, attribute (in a DSD), or reference metadata (in an MSD)
  • Several other additions and references to other guidelines