Maintenance Cycle

The Ownership Group agreed on an annual maintenance cycle for changes to the data structures or related artefacts. Updates to any of the DSDs do not necessarily invalidate previous versions. Even when new versions will become available, old versions can still be used if the changes introduced in the new version do not impact the data exchange template (data flow) you want to use. This approach ensures long term stability of the published data structures. Only for the rare cases where backwards compatibility cannot be assured, old data structures might be discontinued. This will be communicated with ample lead time through various communication channels by all organisations represented in the Ownership Group.

Terms of reference of the Ownership Group, including a description of the maintenance cycle.

Data Structure Definitions

All structures are stored on the SDMX Global Registry. Access is possible without authentication at The registry interface can be used to visualise the data structures, all related artefact (such as code lists), and to download specific versions of artefacts. It will also host data flow and constraint artefacts, which describe the subsets of DSDs applicable to specific data flows.

National Accounts DSD Guidelines with some background information and explanations (version of January 2014)

Excel Visualisation Templates / SDMX Converter

Version numbering of the DSDs and the Excel templates will be kept in sync. If you use Excel templates and conversion as a basis for data transmission, please always use the latest available version listed below. Compatibility between the Excel templates and the respective DSDs with the same version number will be ensured.

The generic SDMX Converter application developed by Eurostat supports converting the National Accounts Excel Visualisation Templates as of version 3.

More information about the SDMX Converter can be found here.

The National Accounts Pilot SDMX Converter is not anymore supported.

SDMX Packages

NA DSD Matrix 2024-04 

CPI DSD Matrix 2024-04 

Release notes (Overview of all issues resolved): in package 2017-01, 2017-05, 2017-11, 2018-05, 2018-12, 2019-05, 2020-05, 2021-07, 2022-09, 2023-09 and 2024-04

DSD ID and Name

DSD Version
(SDMX 2.1 and SDMX 3.0)


Excel templates*
last update

NA tables

Main Aggregates

V1.16 (using CL_COICOP 1.1)

SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

V2.0 (using CL_COICOP 2.0)

SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

  V2022-10 **
ESA: 1, 3, 5, 20, 22
Sector Accounts & Government Finance


SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

ESA-FINA: 6, 7
ESA-NFSA: 8, 26
ESA-GFS: 2, 9, 11, 25, 27, 28
OECD: 119, 7HH, 7II, PSD
Regional Accounts

V6.0 (NUTS2024)

SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

V4.2 (NUTS2021)

SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

ESA: 10, 12, 13
Supply/Use & Input/Output Tables


SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0


V2021-04 09/04/2021

ESA: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
NA_SU 2.x
Supply/Use & Input/Output Tables
structural review


SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

  V2.1 V2.0 of the DSD is a structural review and not backwards compatible. Eurostat currently only accepts data structured according to version 1.9


SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

ESA: 29
Main Aggregates, SNA93


SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

  N/A N/A
Sector Accounts, SNA93


SDMX2.1 /SDMX3.0

  N/A N/A
IMF Government Finance Statistics Manual 2014


SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

  N/A N/A
Consumer Price Index and Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices

CPI V1.6 (using CL_ITEM_PRICE 1.1)

SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

CPI V2.0 (using CL_ITEM_PRICE 2.0)

SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

  N/A N/A
Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices – Administered Prices

HICPAP V2.5 (using CL_ITEM_PRICE 1.1)

SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

HICPAP V3.0 (using CL_ITEM_PRICE 2.0)

SDMX2.1 / SDMX3.0

  N/A N/A

For SDMX 2.0 formatted DSDs, older DSD versions or downloads of any other artefacts please consult the Global SDMX Registry

* Note that coding of the data flows, and thus Excel templates, are also compatible with DSDs from at least V1.2 for all packages apart from ESA-GFS (only V1.4 DSD or newer) and NA_PENS (only V1.8 or newer). No specific updates for ESA tables have been published unless corrections have been done. See release notes for details.

** see release note included in the ZIP file for changes done to previous version.

*** For NA_REG from V2.0 and newer, the CL_REGIONAL code list uses NUTS 2013 (DSD V2.x) or 2016 (DSD V3.x) instead of NUTS 2010 for Europe and some updates to regional coding for OECD countries. A major version increment was required, since the regional codes are not fully backwards compatible for some countries. Only countries affected by the new classifications need to update the DSD. Note: NA_REG V3.1 was incorrect for some countries and fixed with bugfix release V3.1.1. Do not use V3.1 of the NA_REG DSD!

Some series use different coding between ESA GFS and ECB GFS. ECB and Eurostat are working closely together to limit inconsistencies to the minimum.

Change Requests and more information

Please indicate any mistakes you might find or any changes you would like to propose for any of the DSDs or linked artefacts to the following email address: Please add the full version information of the artefact you wish to be changed (ID and version number) along with a detailed description of the changes and a justification why those changes are needed.

Eurostat collects all change requests according to the maintenance cycle and follows up on them accordingly. Once a decision is taken in the Ownership Group, the initiator of the change request will be informed if the change has been accepted and in which version it will be accommodated.

An issue log with all change requests received and their follow up is published here.

More information on ESA 2010 related to Eurostat is available on the Eurostat website.