Name of the tool: DSD Constructor

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Owner: International Labour Organization (ILO), Department of Statistics (ILOSTAT)

Description and main purpose of the software

The “Constructor” is a very simple, standalone tool which is able to create and edit DSDs and their components (i.e. concept schemes and code lists) in order to generate the DSD which fits your needs and can be used by SMART to obtain the output dataset you require.

It can grab concepts and associated code lists from any SDMX registry or allows to create and load them from scratch. Or it might edit an existing DSD and save it with a different id after making some changes.

License: Free software license

Input format(s): SDMX-ML, CSV
Output format(s): SDMX-ML

Programming language(s): .NET

Operating system(s): Windows OS

Language(s): English

Implemented features: Data Structure Definition (DSD); Data Structure Maintenance; Category Scheme; Concept Scheme; Free Standing Concept; Code List; SDMX input/output module; Tabular Data visualisation

Further information: