The aim of SDMX implementation in the Education domain is to create a joint set of Data Structure Definitions (DSDs), harmonised concepts and code lists for use in the joint UNESCO-UIS/OECD/EUROSTAT (UOE) data collection exercises.

More information on the conceptual and methodological framework for the UOE data collection can be found in the UOE manual (2018 version).

Data Structure Definitions

All SDMX structures related to the core UOE data collection are stored on the SDMX Global Registry. Access is possible without authentication at The registry interface can be used to visualise the data structures, all related artefact (such as code lists), and to download specific versions of artefacts. It can also host data flow and constraint artefacts, which describe the subsets of DSDs applicable to specific data flows.

Eurostat also collects a set of satellite questionnaires from EU countries that are not part of the core UOE data collection. The SDMX structures related to these satellite questionnaires are available on the Euro-SDMX Registry at

Education DSD guidelines.

SDMX Packages

Core UOE Data Collection

Core UOE DSD Matrix (June 2019).

DSD ID and Name

DSD Version
(SDMX 2.1 Download)

Excel Questionnaires



FIN questionnaire 2019





ENRL questionnaire 2019
ENTR questionnaire 2019
GRAD questionnaire 2019
PERS questionnaire 2019
CLASS questionnaire 2019
DEM questionnaire 2019

For SDMX 2.0 formatted DSDs, older DSD versions or downloads of any other artefacts please consult the SDMX Global Registry.

Eurostat satellite Data Collection

Eurostat Satellite DSD Matrix (June 2019).

DSD ID and Name

DSD Version

Excel Questionnaires



LANG questionnaire 2019



CREDMOB questionnaire 2019



REGIO questionnaire 2019

Change Requests and more information

ESTAT-UOE-JOINT : questionnaires are submitted to this unique e-mail address, which is managed by Eurostat on behalf of the three data requesters (UNESCO, OECD, Eurostat). UOE data providers in EU Member States send data via EDAMIS, which then automatically forwards the questionnaires to the joint address.

ESTAT-UOE-VALIDATION : used during the validation process for the data exchange between OECD and Eurostat data validators.

SDMX technical request : for any technical question linked to SDMX.