Public Review: SDMX Global DSD for Labour Statistics

21 December 2018
The purpose of this public review is to present the labour statistics SDMX artefacts and guidelines for public feedback. The final production model will incorporate changes based on the review feedback and further updates to the material during the public review. MORE>>

Final version 2.0 of SDMX Glossary now available !

9 November 2018
This new version contains many new concept definitions which are coded so that they can be used as structural metadata in machine-to-machine statistical exchanges. All existing definitions have been reviewed with improvements to add to clarity and example use cases. MORE>>

New version of the SDMX RESTful API Specification

11 October 2018
The SDMX Technical Working Group has released version 1.3.0 of the SDMX RESTful web services API specification.

The new version contains two new features (including the frequently requested possibility to retrieve a valid set of codes after constraints resolution) and several improvements to existing features and to the documentation. MORE>>