New material made available to SDMX implementers

18 September 2016
The newly published "Guidelines on coding time transformations in SDMX" (Version 1.0, September 2016) describe two methods that may be used to code a time transformation, defined as a time-related operation performed on a time series, solely involving observations of that time series. Examples of such time transformations are growth rates, cumulative sums over several periods and moving averages. Furthermore two new codes have been added to the cross-domain code list for Observation Status in order to represent under-coverage (i.e. data included in another category) and over-coverage (i.e. category including data from another category). MORE>>

SDMX for Macroeconomic Statistics: updated packages and data structure definitions (DSD)

19 May 2016
The Ownership Group for SDMX implementation in Macro-Economic Statistics is pleased to inform you that updated DSDs have been made available for Balance of Payments (BOP) and National Accounts (NA). This is a regular annual release for some minor additions to a few code lists for data exchange between international organisations and minor corrections to some ESA visualisation templates. Additionally, the FDI DSD has been brought back in line with the NA/BOP package, since it skipped the last fast-track release. For more details, release notes and downloads, please consult the NA/GFS maintenance page or the BOP/FDI maintenance page. MORE>>

Checklist for SDMX Design Projects

19 May 2016
This checklist is intended for the design and creation of new SDMX artefacts and the management of such a project. The main target audience is SDMX project managers and structural metadata artefact analysts/designers, though it may also be used for capacity building and to build technical knowledge methodically by referring to each phase's details. The checklist references many existing SDMX guidelines and standards material, and is meant as a useful portal to view the context of in which the various SDMX guidelines are used. MORE>>

SDMX Roadmap 2020

1 March 2016
A renewed strategic guidance, communicating high-level goals and key priorities of the seven sponsoring organisations for the coming years. MORE>>