Public Review Announcement for the new SDMX Glossary

24 September 2015
A dedicated task-force made up of members from the SDMX Technical (TWG) and Statistical (SWG) Working Groups, and metadata experts submits the new SDMX Glossary for public review. The review period extends until 31st December 2015 in order to allow time for consolidation of a final version at the end of 2015. Feedback is welcome. MORE>>

SDMX for Macroeconomic Statistics: new packages for data structure definitions (DSD)

2 June 2015
Updated DSDs are available for Balance of Payments (BOP), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and National Accounts (NA). A new optional attribute for international data cooperation (DISS_ORG) has been added to the DSDs and the coding for observation status, which again is fully aligned between BOP, FDI and NA, uses the latest code lists contained in the SDMX Global Registry. MORE>>