Three new tools made available to SDMX users and implementers

Three free tools developed by the International Labour Organization are now available from the "Tools" section. These tools are: SMART (Statistics Metadata-driven Analysis & Reporting Tool), DSD Constructor and ILOSTAT Excel Add-in.

SMART (Statistical Metadata-driven Analysis and Reporting Tool) is a statistical processor and transcoding tool able to produce datasets by processing microdata or aggregate data in several formats, according to the structural metadata read from a Dataflow or DSD. The output files can be generated in diverse formats, intended for analysis, data reporting or to feed a dissemination platform.

The "DSD Constructor" is a very simple, standalone tool which is able to create and edit DSDs and its components (i.e. concept schemes and code lists) in order to generate the DSD which fits your needs and can be used by SMART to obtain the output dataset you require.

The ILOSTAT Excel Add-in provides free access to data series covering a wide range of labour topics (e.g., employment, unemployment, industrial relations, and informality) by means of an SDMX web service directly into Microsoft Excel.