Name of the tool: SDMX Global Registry

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Owner: SDMX

Description and main purpose of the software

The SDMX Global Registry (SGR) is the technical infrastructure that supports the implementation of SDMX by making its metadata material, Data Structure Definitions and related artefacts (concept schemes, metadata structure definitions, code lists, etc.), publicly and centrally available. The SGR can therefore be considered as the central reference point and authoritative source for SDMX global data structure definitions (DSDs), cross-domain concepts and code lists.

In addition to global SDMX metadata, the SGR contains other SDMX data structure definitions and artefacts that are used and maintained by national and international organisations.

The SGR is designed in such a way that it can be developed into a global portal for SDMX structural data and metadata, providing not only information about how statistical information is structured, but also where the related data can be accessed.