Where can I find examples of projects where SDMX has been implemented?

There are two key websites where you can find out what has been implemented or is underway:

(i) The official site for the SDMX Community. It is the site you are already visiting. Under the section called "Implementations", there is a page dedicated to ongoing SDMX projects that are global in nature.

(ii) The official SDMX site of the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). The SDMX InfoSpace details all SDMX projects that it is involved in implementing, with a particular emphasis on implementations within the European Statistical System (ESS). See http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/sdmx-infospace/sdmx-projects.

When operational, the key products of SDMX that are required for exchanges are stored in two virtual libraries, called registries. The SDMX Global Registry contains the products needed for global exchanges and the Euro SDMX Registry stores the products needed for exchanges within the European Statistical System (ESS).