Public Review for the updated guideline on Modelling Statistical Domains in SDMX

The SDMX Statistical Working Group (SWG) propose a revision to the "Modelling a Statistical Domain for Data Exchange in SDMX". The new guideline, now called "Modelling Statistical Domains in SDMX" is now available for public review. This process will be open until 4 June 2018. Feedback is welcome before the deadline.

This revision is a complete overhaul of the existing guideline "Modelling a Statistical Domain for Data Exchange in SDMX". In summary, the changes are:

  • The addition of multiple domain modelling (as opposed to only a single domain)
  • How to document data flows into a diagram and then use it in the modelling method
  • How to decompose a starting set of indicators
  • Steps on how to optimise the model
  • How to decide if a concept should be a dimension, attribute (in a DSD), or reference metadata (in an MSD)
  • Several other additions and references to other guidelines
Please send your comments to the SDMX Statistical Working Group (SDMX-SWG) at